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The Friday before Thanksgiving

18 November 2005

I must reflect on my boss. Yes, she fills my thoughts, and I cannot escape her presence. Today is Friday the last day of basically anything before Harding University’s Thanksgiving break. Now some will work on Monday and Tuesday, but for the most part, people have all but headed out of town.
My office is one that overall services students. There are a few other things that we do here and there but basically we need students to do our job. So now as I sit here at 3:45 on a Friday afternoon and even more importantly a vacation Friday afternoon I wonder to myself why am I here.
What does this have to do with your boss you might ask? Well if she had a humane or logical bone in her body, she would say. . . “Why are you here? Why don’t you go home? Leave an hour early.” But alas she taps away at her power points lording her power over me as I sit at my Bob Cratchet sized desk that cannot hold my keyboard and a piece of paper at the same time. Ahhh to be free from this perpetual servitude; I am no less than a sharecropper or an indentured servant. There is nothing I can do to make this better but serve my time.

Peace and Love

I believe I will start dual posting to Blogspot as well as Xanga read in your preferred setting.

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