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3 December 2005
So, I’m thinking about slacking off next semester. I need 9 hours to graduate, and I was previously considering taking a minimum of 12 hours and possibly others b/c I am truly one of those people who likes to learn and enjoys leading a severely dysfunctional, highly stressful life, but I think it’s maybe time for that to change. I have always been a really hard worker. Since my freshmen year of college, I took well over the suggested number of credit hours with two semesters totaling 20 hours and several others running close seconds. I also worked, played basketball, wrote and edited a section of a newspaper, vped a club for a bit. And where have all of these things gotten me? The answer is NOWHERE, and they will continue to get me nowhere. I work ahead and stay on top of things to make good but not grand grades. I’m predestined for mediocrity. Such is life eh? So, I think that next semester I will work my job, that I don’t like, take my piddly 9 grad hours, which is a full load, but still seems remedial to me. And I will spend my excess time lounging about at coffee shops, reading books for fun. I shall crochet and do whatever the flip I want. I won’t write a large paper. I won’t study for Comps early. Heck maybe I won’t study at all. So rest easy my friends. I am starting, tomorrow, my average Joe life. Why finish off the semester strong what difference does it make.

Peace in the middle east.

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