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On being a person not just a wife

23 December 2005

Here are some things that I enjoy doing. . . Crocheting, Baking, Reading, Cooking,
Here are some other things that I enjoy doing. . . Playing any and every sport, working out, hiking, building things, organized things, fixing computers. . .
My activities that one might consider “Manly” or dare I say it “husbandly” far outweigh the others.

Now these are all things that I like doing. Martha Stewart in many ways I have decided is similar to myself. She enjoys baking, crafting, and what not but at the same time she is a tycoon. When Martha bakes no one says “wow, that sure was a wifey thing to do, Martha!” Why is this you may ask? Ahh I know b/c Martha is a kick butt tycoon and no one would dare say something so demeaning and impersonalizing to her. She is without a doubt a person, not a wife. I hate it when people refer to me in ways that they wouldn’t refer to others mearly b/c I am married. My relationship status should have no bearing on which activities I enjoy. I hate it when people count me out of things as if a) simply b/c I am married I have lost all knowledge of an outside world or b) as if I have been married since birth. I hate it when people ask me questions and address them to my husband. I apologize for ever using the collective we.

Am I a wife? Yes. Am I a person that is successful and independent? Heck Yes.

Everyone pick up a copy of Pride and Prejudice (and this does not include that piece of crap movie) read it and meditate upon it. Jane Austen did not risk her life writing such a glorious work for me to be referred to as merely a wife.

Thank you for time and reading. Comments as always are welcome.

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