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The last 2 weeks in review

1 January 2006

So I would like to start off this entry by saying that I am pouting. It is 69 degrees outside and I am inside b/c I pulled a stupid calf muscle at the gym yesterday so I can barely walk. So now I’m sitting here watching Extreme Home Makeover marathon which lets be honest makes me cry more that just about anything. I mean it would be a like a dream job of mine to do what these people get to do.

Christmas was awesome lots of good gifts and most importantly lots of amazing books. I can’t wait to read them all.(refer to top for current reading choice). We got a wireless hub which is cool but I’m having trouble getting it to work right where is Coop when I need him? I had an awesome time with Jeremy’s family. I love my brother in law b/c he is really funny and extremely intelligent and has really good taste in women. I love my sister in law it’s fun to have someone to watch food network with. And my mother in law is awesome; we are so much alike.

Our 1st anniversary was great. I can’t believe that we’ve been married for a year. New Years Eve was great I made chicken parmigana. I love Rachel Ray her recipes are so easy and good. Well I guess I’ll get back to work on a little project.

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