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Film Review

5 January 2006

The movie I would like to bring to you is titled Off The Map.

This semester I was blessed to attend a wonderful class taught by the esteemed Dr. Engel. The class: Literature of the American West. Now, while this class entailed far too much reading and in the end I skipped one of the books, it was an awesome class. I learned much and rekindled the love affair of my youth with the American West. While there is much more to it than the romantical view held by my younger-self, it is still a mesmerizing place – not that I have experienced it myself, sadly through more than film and literature.

Speaking of experiencing the west through film. Off the Map is a poetic journey through 8 years in the life of a New Mexican family. This family is focused on living life not on making money. The father believes that you lose more having a job than you gain. He says that if you spend all day working for someone doing what they tell you to do, you don’t have anytime to learn the things that you want to do.

The cinematography of this movie could stand alone but it is backed up by it’s lyrical narrator and creative story line. This film based on a play is worth its slow start for it’s meaningful ending.

If you’re looking for a character driven indie film about something more than who slept with whom last night see Off the Map.

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