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On Facism or What I love about Harding University

13 January 2006

I work in an office. This office has been eluded to before in several entries. Now, however, my office has been relocated to a new building. This building is run by a dicatator named well we’ll call him Blankety Blank. He in my opinion is a big jerk.
The head of our Department the Blankity Blank is very anal retentive. He is in charge of basically everything and our building. He has lots of very specific rules for example no dark beverages (we have new carpets), specific organizers for items in the office, no signage outside the offices (that’s what room numbers are for), We aren’t aloud to have bulletin boards, even though it’s a schoo,l outside of rooms. It’s a “professional” building which is fine on some levels but hello it’s a school. There are classrooms all around the offices. But my favorite rule of all is that we aren’t aloud to use, and i quote “visible post it notes.” He doesn’t like the way that they “look” this man obviously never does any real work b/c all of these demands are obsurd. Every office I know of runs in a manner opposite of this one.
Being the person that I am my first thought is to say down with the man. I intend to drink my Diet Cokes (which are sold in the building), use my postit notes and make them as visible as possible. How should I remember things or leave msgs for my co-workers if I don’t have post it notes? Post its were listed as one of the greatest inventions ever.
I am, however, under another authority. My boss Dr. Magician. She’s a rule follower. If there is a rule she intends to follow it. Which in some aspects is fine. But change does not occur when everyone does what they are told and refuses to think for themselves or at least act on their thoughts.

So, I pledge here and now to drink dark sodas and use as many Post It’s as I can. Down with the man. Viva la France.

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