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On the evils known as the postal service and higher learning institutions at large

6 March 2006

I am almost done with school. In a mere 68 days, I will graduate and be through with school if not forever, then for quite sometime. I am at this point elated about the idea. There is however, I slight hitch in my elation. I am married.

This is awful you say. You jerk. Read on; I am not a jerk.
I adore my husband. But he is very intelligent and driven. Due to this intelligence, he is not done with school. He wants to and will go on to some wonderful graduate school.

So, you say “what is the problem? How is this a bad thing?”
It’s a bad thing because people in power enjoy stringing those with no power along. Case in point, graduate schools take your application which must be done in a very particular fashion, and they stuff it in some sort of file or folder or other contraption that stores things. Then they wait. They take the money that you must pay them, to even be so honored as to get them to store your application, and they use it to have pizza parties with lots of expensive wine. Then they call their friends at ETS(the people who give the GRE and numerous other tests) and say “Hey guys why don’t you come over to our really cool party that the poor hard working wannabe graduate students are paying for?” ETS goes and they all have a very Bacchean good time.
In the meanwhile, all the poor hard working wannabe graduate students are pacing in front of their mail boxes crying “When will this agony end?”
The graduate schools then decide who’s in and who’s out. They put their responses in envelopes that should be made of gold but instead aren’t even made of recycled paper and hand them over to the postal service.
The people at the postal service see this as their time to shine. So, they horde the letters up and say “Haha now we have them! We will make those students suffer more.” The students not yet fully realizing what is taking place. Await, stalk, beseech, and humbly beg the mailman to bring some word from a higher learning establishment. The postoffice proceeds to keep the letters for a number of days before actually delivering them.
This process leads me to my insanity and the insanity of many that I know. (God be with those of you who wait.) No letter has come so far, neither yea nor nay they will give us. This produces much tension in my life as I am a chronic list making, budget making, planner. I do not handle the inability to plan well. I need strength to endure the days ahead.

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