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What I’ve Come to Expect

24 April 2006

As many of you may know, I live in Arkansas. There are certain things that I have come to value during my time here. One of those things, is that people can smoke in restaurants. In the north, this pretty much doesn’t happen anymore. People are barely aloud to smoke in bars there, much less a restaurant. Now, let me make it very clear. I am not a smoker. Also, I do not condone smoking. However, I do believe in personal freedom. I think that people should be allowed to make their own decisions. I should be able to chose, if I so wish, to light up in a restaurant. I understand the idea of family restaurant, if the owner chooses to make it non-smoking that’s fine. But it should be the owners choice. Life is about choices. What prompts this discussion you may ask?
Well last night, after work, my husband and I decided to go to one of our favorite little restaurants here in town: Waffle House. There are certain things I expect when I walk into a Waffle House one of these thigns is to be greeted by the smell of grease and smoke. Last night, when I walked in I thought, “my it smells odd in here.” It smelled almost clean. I though this was extreemly weird. The restaurant was very empty. Being only one of three places open after 10 this too was strange. I sat down and ordered my coffee. And then I saw the sign. Black with blazing red letters. NO SMOKING. How could this be? My Waffle House had been infiltrated. I asked my waitress with her died hair the color of wet black top, “Are you guys really no smoking?” She replied, “Yes, and between that and IHOP things are horrible.” I fear for my little Waffle House. It deserves better.
My food didn’t taste the same. The coffee was good, but not like what I’ve come to expect.

I cry freedom.

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