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Spring and My Disdain

17 May 2007

I’m beginning to hate spring. It’s never been my favorite season; I’m really more of a fall person, but now I really don’t like spring at all. I really shouldn’t blame this on spring herself. It’s not her fault that she falls at a horrible time of year for me. For the last three springs, I’ve had to apply for jobs. For the last three springs I’ve spent my days and nights applying for jobs only to be continually shot down. In the last week, I have sent ten, that’s right ten application packets out.

For those of you who haven’t applied for a job lately and especially a teaching job it is a whole lot of paper work. If someone were to steal one of my applications they could steal my entire identity. You need college transcripts, your teaching license, references, a heart felt cover letter, and a resume. My resume in my mind is some sort of magnum opus due to the amount of time I have spent with it over the last three years. I’ve cared for it and nurtured it, added to it as frequently as possible. It’s high time for it to give something back to me, namely a job.

If I don’t get a job, I’m going to give up teaching at least while I’m here NH and try something else for awhile. It’ s not what I want to do, but I need a job that pays on a regular basis. Not getting a job would lead to me having to apply for other jobs in what would most likely the business sector. An office is basically the antithesis of who I am. I hate punching a clock and being inside in all day.

Ahh I shouldn’t be so down on spring; It’s really not her fault after all.

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