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Almost a Year

6 April 2008

Wow! It has almost been a year since the last time I wrote on here. It probably would have been a whole year but Becka said she wanted to read my blog. She’s so faithful about writing on her blog, I would feel ashamed to have her look and see that mine is a year old.

So let us see.

Last Summer:
Jeremy and I co-directed at Camp Hunt with Jon and Julie. It was an awesome summer. Quite possibly the best summer I ever had at camp. The campers were awesome and so eager to learn. We had the best counseling staff full of leaders and supporters. We completed big projects (the pool). We passed inspections. We asked for help when we needed it. The numbers were up this summer as they haven’t been in a few years. During the day we worked hard and hung out with campers and kept things running. Julie and I took on canteen, which believe me is a big job. I got to spend time with Lydia who is an amazing little girl. At night, we split our time between reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and playing Settlers with the Singletons. All in all it was an amazing summer. We aren’t going to camp this year for a sundry of reasons, which saddens me greatly. I am glad we got to end our time at camp with such an awesome experience.

The Fall:
After we got back to NH and during our time at camp, I desperately searched for a teaching job or any job. I couldn’t get hired anywhere or for that matter interviewed. I couldn’t even find non-teaching jobs. During the last week of August, which is when all of the schools start; I, on a whim, emailed about a Special Education/English job at a high school about 45 minutes away. (Side note: It’s a pretty famous school. Allan Shepard went there. Robert Frost taught there). They emailed me back that day and asked for a digital copy of my resume. I of course sent it and went in and interviewed the day school started. The former teacher quit the week before school started and lucky for me they were desperate. I interviewed, and it went well. They called me that afternoon offering me the job. I took it without hesitation, because we were about to go under financially.

The Job:
My job is an interesting one. I teach English to students with Emotional Handicaps. I teach grades 9 -12. These kids all have crazy lives and so many problems. There are many days, the priority shifts from teaching to just helping people survive. I am growing to enjoy it, most of the time. The commute sucks more than any other aspect. A 45 minute drive with no weather means an hour and a half in snow.

Current Life:
School is winding down, we start the last 9 weeks on Monday. Jeremy’s classes are going well and he only has about another month of school. 2 more years for him and then he’ll be a Dr. woo woo. We are going to have a busy summer. Jeremy will hopefully be teaching a class this summer a few days a week. We are going to Arkansas in July for Shawn and Jacques’s wedding. In August, we are going to NYC (my first time), and we’re seeing the Yankee’s play! Hopefully, we’ll get to do some camping and hiking. I am going to try to blog more and get on top of it. It will be a nice way to avoid work.

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