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Working Out

19 July 2009

This summer I’ve been able to work out tons. It’s been awesome.

Early this spring, I got new running shoes. For the first time, I purchased New Balance shoes. I had always been a Nike person, but these shoes are awesome. New Balance shoes are great because there are so many options. I don’t have the best feet; my feet are flat and wide. With New Balance I can get great arch support, wide width, half sizes. These are much better than Nikes.
Thank you New Balance for giving me shoes that work.

My gym is not the coolest and certainly not the cheapest, but it works. I hate working out outside, so I go to the gym even in the summer. I need consistent conditions, and I get that at the gym. It’s great because not many other people are there in the summer.

Now I am by no means a runner. I think I can safely call myself a jogger. I’m not fast enough to be a runner, which is ok with me. I’m very picky about which treadmill I use. I feel like I formed a bond with this treadmill this summer. We’ve already logged a lot of miles together.

I hate when I get there and someone is on this treadmill. It makes me feel a little ticked off. It’s my treadmill, not yours.

My goal is to be able to run 5 miles in an hour. Right now I can only do three miles in 45 minutes. Maybe someday.

Peace out.

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  1. Brandi permalink
    20 July 2009 8:59 AM

    Friend!!! Oh, I'm so happy you found me + I found you :)You can totally run that. I just started running a little over a year ago and couldn't run more than like 4 minutes at a time at can do it!I miss you – I hope things are going well 🙂

  2. Beck-O permalink
    20 July 2009 7:11 PM

    Two things:1) I have been checking the wrong blog– the one for you AND Jeremy! Gah! But I added you to my list, so we're good now.2) If your "flat feet" bother you and hurt sometimes, I learned an exercise for your feet in massage therapy school that fixes that… if you're interested. :)Yay for blogging so stalkers like me can follow!

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