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29 July 2009

Here is our itinerary for Europe.

If you click on the links you can see where we are staying in each locale. We are doing a few side trips from main cities. From Siena we are day tripping to Volterra, a walled city in the hill country. From Florence we are technically day tripping to Pisa, although it’s really a trip enroute to Vernazza-The Cinque Terre. On our way out of Italy, we are stopping in Milan for the day before continuing on to France. I’m excited.

I hope to post while I’m in Europe. We shall see how that goes.

European Excursion Itinerary
Date Day Travel/City Lodging
31-Jul Friday Leave Boston Fly Into ROME Night and Day Hostel
1-Aug Saturday Rome
2-Aug Sunday Rome
3-Aug Monday Rome
4-Aug Tuesday Rome/Siena Hotel Alma Domus
5-Aug Wednesday Siena
6-Aug Thursday Voleterra
7-Aug Friday Siena/Florence Katti House
8-Aug Saturday Florence
9-Aug Sunday Pisa/ Cinque Terre Camere La Torre
10-Aug Monday Cinque Terre
11-Aug Tuesday Cinque Terre
12-Aug Wednesday Cinque Terre/Milan/Paris
13-Aug Thursday Paris Hotel Amelie
14-Aug Friday Paris
15-Aug Saturday Paris
16-Aug Sunday Paris
17-Aug Monday Paris
18-Aug Tuesday Leave Paris to Boston
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  1. Shannon permalink
    30 July 2009 11:32 AM

    Very informative. So jealous. Love you! 🙂

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