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Saying Goodbye to Summer

6 September 2009

This weekend we went camping. It was such a good time. Even though we were gone to Europe for almost three weeks less than a month ago, I was ready to get out of town. I love the town where we live, but I am almost always up for a trip. Friday after work, I came home and did a few running around things and waited for Jeremy to get back, then we hit the road. It’s about a two hour drive to the White Mountains. There was so much traffic and construction that it took us closer to three hours ,which means we had to set up camp in close to darkness. We got everything set up and started a fire. For the first time we camped in the White Mountain National Forest (ie no bathrooms) but it was so great not to see other people. Jeremy did his sit quietly and stare at the fire thing, while I read my book Catching Fire. Saturday we got up and made a great breakfast on an open fire. I love the way food tastes when it’s cooked over a fire. We had bacon, sausage, toast and oatmeal. After that, we did a short hike up Mt. Pemigewasset.

The hike was a total of three miles, which is short for us, but it was just right. The weather was perfect sunny and mid 70’s. At the top of the mountain we had lunch pb&j and Cheeze its. Then we hiked down and went to see The Basin. The Basin is a waterfall that has created a huge granite pot hole. All the rock around was so smooth; it made it difficult to remember we looking at very, hard stone. We came back and just chilled. It was nice. We made dinner, and I read. Saturday night was really, really cold. I would say low 40’s. My nose was cold all night. We really need to purchase better sleeping bags.

The most exciting part was on the way home. As we were driving out, I saw what I thought was a stuffed bear leaning against a Jeep. My first thought was what a funny joke someone has leaned a giant stuffed bear on their car.  Seconds later, I come to my senses and realize where I am and that it is certainly a REAL black bear. Before I got a picture, it lumbered off into the woods.

*Edit – We did this trip as green as possible. Of course there is always room for improvement. We used no paper towels and brought home all of our recycling.  

After a first week of school this was a great way to end the week. My classes seem to be going ok, but I think my freshmen are going to be tough. I’m going to be doing some work with the night school this year, which will be interesting. Also, I’m going to be co-teaching with a science teacher two days a week. She is a wonderful experienced teacher, but she has her hands full. Her A period class has 20 students – 17 receive some sort of special education services- which translates to needing lots of one-on-one  help and lots of behavior problems. I haven’t been in a science classroom in a long time, but hopefully I will be able to help her.

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  1. Brandi permalink
    7 September 2009 8:30 AM

    a bear?!? holy moly! I'm glad nothing bad happened. That is crazy.I've always wanted to see some baby bears, but I know that means trouble 🙂

  2. Clarice permalink
    7 September 2009 8:33 AM

    Yeah! It was exciting. We were safely inside of our car. The bear was definitely trying to get on top of someone's Jeep. I remember your baby bear pictures. They were adorable.

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