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The last of the flowers. . .

26 September 2009

Today I picked the last of my flowers. We are pretty much guaranteed a hard frost tonight.  It seems as though it got considerably chillier over night.

I love living in New England but I hate the COLD. Between home and work I feel like the only time I’m warm during the winter is when I’m in the car or in the shower. The building I work in is so old, you can literally feel the wind blow through. It’s obviously a great learning environment. At work, I usually wear three shirts and a fleece. Also, Jeremy and I live in an older duplex and oil heating is really expensive. We try to conserve energy and money, so that means lots of blankets and clothes. To sum it all up, I will really miss the warmth of summer.  I’ll miss fresh food from our garden, shorts, and tank tops.

Here is a look at the last of my flowers and three little  peppers. It was not  good gardening  for anyone in New Hampshire this year. Too much chilly weather and rain at the beginning of the season.

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  1. Brandi permalink
    28 September 2009 10:35 AM

    it is chilly here in VA today! Fall is coming, that’s for sure.

    the flowers are beautiful!

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