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Fall Festivities

4 October 2009

My friend Mindy has come to visit from Michigan, which means lots of fun activities.

Yesterday, we went to the annual Portsmouth Anatheum book sale. It is such a great time. We got 47 books for $21.75. We love books. It’s a bit of a problem addiction.  We just both love reading. Having books around makes any room feel homey as far as I’m concerned.

This book sale takes place once a year. This year it was in a different location. We arrived early and got in line. Yes, in New England people line up to buy books.  There are people who are booksellers and then regular people like us,who just love books.  The barn was not well lit, which was annoying. However, we came out with some great books. Afterward, we went to The Friendly Toast for a delicious breakfast.

After breakfast, we came home and hung out and then went to the gym. It was a tough work out. My friend Mindy works with a personal trainer at home so she worked me out. It was great, but I am really sore today.

After the work out, we got ready for our next event.

NH Brewer’s Fest. This event benefited a big arts festival in Portsmouth. It was a lot of fun. There were tons of people and 90 beers to try. I tried maybe 10, in my little 3oz glass. Lots of delicious things flavored with pumpkin and several organic beers.

All in all, a wonderful New England day.

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