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Real Food pt 1

6 October 2009

I could be totally off base, but the idea that artificial ingredients in food aren’t the best idea makes sense to me.  I would say I’m new to the concept of what I call “Real Food”.  Science has given us medicine and technology, but these are things that they’ve made better; I’m not sure the same applies to food.

When Jeremy and I first got married, we were horrible eaters. There were a few reasons we were such horrible eaters:

  1. We didn’t have much money
  2. We were really young
  3. I had no concept of what cooking and eating should look like

When I was growing up we ate a lot of things out of cans, everything had either sugar, butter or both added to it, and boxed foods(Blame poverty and southern cooking). We had food, so for that I am thankful, but surprisingly vegetables taste amazing on their own. With a little garlic anything can taste awesome. When Jeremy and I got married, I brought my food history with me. We ate fish sticks, macaroni and cheese, green beans with butter, frozen burritos.I thought I was being a good wife, but we were chunking up, and worse than that I can’t even imagine how much sodium we were consuming.

I would here and now like to thank Rachael Ray. I know a lot of people don’t like her, but she saved my eating habits. I started watching her and Alton Brown on the Food Network. The meals they were cooking seemed easy and looked good. Slowly, I started making these meals on my own. I started coking with fresh vegetables, baking meat, not having potatoes with every meal. There were so many options that the RR opened up to me. Things that were totally new to me then are now just the way I live.

In no way, am I a  perfect eater. It’s not like I never eat fast food or the occasional box of macaroni and cheese (at least now it’s something like Annie’s not Wal-mart Brand). There are definitely times that I wonder which is better, eating fat free/low fat foods or eating real food. When the fat goes away it is replaced with something fake, most often I choose real food.

Which do you think is better real food or fat free food?

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