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Learning to Run

7 October 2009

I’ve been learning to run this summer and fall. I played sports all through high school and the beginning of college. I played basketball, softball, and volleyball. Each of these sports obviously involves being fit and even having endurance, but mostly you are running sprints.For the most part, you don’t have to worry about form, breathing, or the type of pain ( side stitches) that I associate with running. y

I am not an outdoor runner. Maybe someday, but for now the treadmill is my friend. I am a structured, goal oriented person.  Running outside, having no concept of how fast I’m going, how far I’ve gone, 0r how far I have to go is more than I can handle. Also, I really hate not having water near by, and I love being able to watch TV. I have however started to improve on the treadmill.

Running Accomplishments so far:

  • I can run a mile now without stopping and run three miles with minimal walking.
  • I can run at 5.5 comfortably and am even able to kick it up to 7.0 for sprinting.
  • I’m getting better at taking long strides and picking up my feet.

My body is starting to feel better and find a stride. Maybe next summer I can learn to run outside, but for now I’ll enjoy my TV and water.

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