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Thanksgiving Dinner . . . Finally

27 November 2009

We finally got to eat a proper Thanksgiving dinner this evening. After driving down to Rhode Island, in the torrential down pour, I was ready to eat. We ended up having a snack and then eating later. When we finally got to eat, it was really good. I had a little bit of everything and was still full. Our meal included:

  • Turkey
  • Gravy*
  • Stuffing
  • Sweet Potatoes w/ Marshmallows
  • Green Bean Casserole
  • Rolls
  • Cranberry Sauce* (I didn’t have room on my plate; I hate when things touch)
  • Pistachio Salad* (Gross, I would never eat this)
  • * = things I did not eat

I love sweet potatoes with marshmallows (the corner is for my odd little brother who doesn’t like marshmallows on his). I only eat these once a year, and they are really just delightful. What isn’t great covered in marshmallows? (OK maybe somethings, but let me have my fantasy.)

After dinner, we all dove into my Pumpkin Cheesecake. It was great. Not too rich, I had a small piece, and it was just right. While I followed Maratha’s directions almost to a T (sure I substituted some 1/3 less fat cream cheese for half of the cream cheese in the recipe) it still got a crack.  I guess beauty isn’t everything.

Starting Sunday I’m going to try a two week experiment, where I post all my eats.  I admire the people who post everyday. Let’s start with two weeks and see how it goes. I’m going to be honest with the posts, so it will least probably be eye opening for me.

Hopefully, I’ll get to go to Trader Joe’s on the way home tomorrow. I must have more black bean soup and three layer humus. Dear Trader Joe’s please come to New Hampshire.

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