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Day 1 part 2 (New Moon & Chipotle)

29 November 2009

After the gym, my gracious husband went with me to see New Moon. If you aren’t a fan, skip ahead to the next paragraph. This movie was really good. In my opinion, it was considerably better than Twilight.  They did a great job of sticking really closely to the book. Of all four of the books, I think New Moon is the most well written.  If you haven’t seen it, see it. I tried to keep my swooning to a minimum.

While we were at the movie, we shared half of a medium popcorn. I wouldn’t have bought it, but it was only a dollar. After the movie, we walked around and I picked up something for my secret Santa person at school. Then we ate dinner at Chipotle. I had a Vegetarian Burrito Bowl.  The guy that was making it put on way too much cheese, so I scrapped it off. Otherwise, it was pretty good. I missed the tortilla some, just because Chipotle tortillas are so soft. However, I got over it by eating a few of these.
Mmm. The chips are so good.

This was a great way to end vacation. Tomorrow, it’s back to work and back to driving blech. I don’t hate my job, but I love hanging out at home. I love watching The View and Martha. I love getting to work out during the day when the gym is empty.  Ahh I will miss my time off.  At least Christmas isn’t too far away.

Do you  like the Twilight Series or are you hater? Either answer is a OK with me.

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