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6 December 2009

I am great at coming up with really good plans. The only problem is usually my time line. For example, I will come up with a great, handmade gift idea. Except I will need it in two days and have to work until late at night to get it done. Today was another prime example.

For small group, I was supposed to bring the snack. I got the bright idea of making pulled pork; easy and warm on a chilly day. Well I’ve been cooking roasts for years, but somehow today time got away from me. I needed to leave the house by 4:30. I put the roast in around 11:30. At 3:30 I put in the meat thermometer and that sucker wasn’t even close. Long story, less long, we had pizza at small group tonight. Apparently, my mind was in some sort of time warp. I did make some really great pumpkin muffins, which I think everyone liked.

My workout today was great. The best one I’ve had in awhile. I’m starting to get excited to run jog my first 5k. I am a little nervous at what the weather might be like in New England on January 1st, but we’ll see. After my workout, I had a Yoplait Lite Very Vanilla yogurt. Then I was so busy I didn’t eat anything until two pieces of pizza at dinner. It wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, but it was ok.

Monday morning is rapidly approaching, which means I should get some sleep to be prepared for hellions cherubs tomorrow.

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