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Portsmouth, Cheesecake and Hotdogs

11 December 2009

I ate a lot of lame things today, but I also ate one of my favorite things ever. Popovers on the Square cheesecake.

Let’s back up, tonight Jeremy and I went to a Christmas concert at a local church with several friends. There was an amazing orchestra and great singers, some of them operatic. It was great; however, it made me realize that I’m more Broadway and less Met.  It’s all good.

After the concert, the eight of us went to Portsmouth. If you are looking for a wonderful place in New England for a weekend getaway, come to Portsmouth. It is one of my favorite cities, literally, in the entire world. There is loads of great food. The people are friendly. It’s beautiful and on the New Hampshire seacoast. Really, just walking around the downtown area is pleasurable; you don’t even have to buy anything. But if you do want to buy something, there are so many options.  Portsmouth is great in any season: In the summer you can enjoy a nice, cold drink by the harbor. In winter, you can cozy up with a cappuccino or hot cider in one of the great coffee shops.

Now onto Popover’s cheesecake.

It is a vanilla cheesecake. It is extremely firm, which I really like. The crust isn’t too sweet and you can taste both the vanilla and the sour cream. Usually, I am one of those people who likes to share dessert with someone else. However, when I get a slice of this cheesecake, it is all mine. I don’t eat it frequently. Although, about a month ago when I went to see Julie & Julia, I snuck a piece in. It’s really just that good.

Tonight, Jeremy and I didn’t really get time for dinner before we left for the concert. La Dolce Vita; We had dessert first.  As we were walking back to the parking garage, we realized we were quite hungry.

Another Portsmouth perk, a hot dog diner that stays open until 2:30 am.  After figuring out that the door neither pushed nor pulled but slid, we went inside. It was warm and toasty with only about eight stools to sit on. They have a small menu: burgers, dogs, and fries (w/ Poutine, if you would like). This is no place for a vegan.  We ordered our dogs. I was only able to eat two bites, because I think I had gotten too hungry, but Jeremy managed to polish off the rest of mine.

All in all, it was a great night. Now I am off to bed.

What’s your favorite non-major city?

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