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5 years & Burlington, VT

31 December 2009

On December 27th, Jeremy and I celebrated our 5th anniversary. 

Five years have gone by quickly and have been so much fun. Things we’ve done in the last five years:

  1. Completed Master’s degrees
  2. Moved to New Hampshire
  3. One of us has started and almost finished a PHD in Mathematics (not me)
  4. Traveled to France, Italy, Quebec, and tons of great places here in America




  5. And we’ve seen way too many concerts and movies and purchased tons and tons of books.


To celebrate we went to Burlington, VT. It was cold, really cold but beautiful.


Lake Champlain is bracketed by amazing mountains. Taking the ferry from NY to VT was a new and interesting experience. 


We stayed at the Hilton downtown. The location was great, as we were able to walk all over the downtown area. I had to wear yoga pants under my jeans because it was so windy, but walking under the lights was worth it.


We arrived on Monday afternoon; the drive was tedious due to all the snow, so when we arrived Jeremy took a nap. I, in my infinite wisdom, had forgotten any form of boots. From our window I spied a Macy’s. I knew there must be a mall attached and after some Googling, I found a Payless. A nice walk and a pair of boots later, we went to Manhattan Pizza Co. for dinner.  The pizza was average. Next, we went to see The Road based on the book by Cormac McCarthy. The movie followed the book very closely, so like the book it was very dark.

Up next, a delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner – not to mention samples galore.

Do you like local travel?

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