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Vermont = Free Samples. . .

31 December 2009

On Tuesday, Jeremy and I started our day by walking to The Skinny Pancake. This place is a foodies dream all the way down to the food shed map on the wall that showed where everything came from. I didn’t love my crepe (way too sweet, even for me), but Jeremy’s food was great.


Next, we started our tours. First we went to the Magic Hat Brewing Company.  The people were very friendly and the samples and decorations delightful. 100_0126 Next, we went to Lake Champlain Chocolates.  I’m not really a chocolate lover, but learning about the process of chocolate making was really interesting.  After chocolate, we met some good friends at the Vermont Pub and Brewery. My veggie burger was one of the best I’ve ever had, and it was fun to see some friends.

After lunch, we went strolled around Church Street (really this town is beautiful);  then it was time to go  back and take a nap. It was really nice to rest after being so busy in Rochester. After resting and spending some time just hanging out, we went for a late dinner. The Green Room was only a block from our hotel and almost totally empty. They were out of the advertised Potato, Broccoli, Leek Soup, which left me very disappointed. So Jeremy and I split a cheese plate and duck confit tacos with a sweet, smooth Riesling.

100_0142 Bad lighting but great cheese. I really wasn’t very hungry, so I only ate about a quarter of a taco. After dinner, we walked down church street again and got some coffee then headed back to the hotel. Our room was ok, but the beds at Hilton are really just the most comfortable beds I’ve ever slept on; I loved it.

On Wednesday, after a late morning work out we headed off to see a bit more of Vermont before heading home. The first stop was City Market. Wow! Talk about a social conscience; this place has it going on. I literally walked around the entire store saying, “I love you; I love you.” So many organic and bulk foods. I wish I could shop here every day. There was an entire wall of granola. Here’s me express my undying love. 100_0156

After picking up some great grains, flours, tea and coffee, it was time to head to Ben & Jerry’s. Ben & Jerry’s was colorful and fun; basically everything I had imagined. The tour was short, and I gave my sample to Jeremy. I ate half of a Peanut Butter Cookie Dough cone. It was ok, but I should have stuck with my favorite, Peanut Butter Cup.


After Ben & Jerry’s, we attempted to go to Cabot Cheese. 95% of the time I am a meticulous planner, but I decided to be laid back about this trip, which ultimately led us to arriving at the Cabot Creamery at 3:55, when it closed at four. It was way in the middle of nowhere Vermont. The samples however were great, and I came out with some garlic and herb cheddar.


After Cabot, we drove back to quaint Newmarket. I love traveling, but it is nice to be back on our own couch.

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