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First 5K Recap

3 January 2010

My First 5K was:

  • Interesting – people were so friendly and even the serious runner seemed to be enjoying themselves
  • Crowded – (nearly 1,000 people) I wasn’t expecting that
  • Enlightening – I   can run faster(I’m slow), I will fun faster, I must train harder
  • Snow Free – While it snowed before and after, it didn’t snow or rain during the race. There were lots of puddles, but the weather was about as nice as you can ask for in New England in January.



At the end:


After the race, Jeremy and I came home and showered as quickly as possible. Then we went to Rocky’s Famous Burgers, where I had my favorite chicken sandwich in the whole world, The Lexi.  Finally, we were ready to go to the hospital to visit our good friends who just had their baby. Anyone interested can read this cool story about him, because he was in the paper. A very auspicious beginning for this one.

It was a great way to start a new year for sure.


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