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Chunked up Workouts

5 January 2010

Well the first two days back to work did not go as badly as I thought they would. My students have actually been working for the most part, which is great for any time of the year, but exceptional for just coming back from a vacation.

Sunday was a great day of relaxation before heading back to work after having a week and a half off.  I made a vegetable soup (aka cleaned out the freezer and fridge). This soup was really spicy, and it was so good. Also it fed us two dinners and two lunches; I love leftovers.


Yesterday after work, I went and picked Jeremy up from his office, and we headed to Barnes and Noble. I love that teaching English allows me to justify a trip to B&N in the middle of the week. I really did pick up materials for my class, but I also browsed and purchased a delicious tall caramel macchiato with soy milk. So good. I love those. We hit the gym and then ate leftover soup with BLTs minus the T because we didn’t have any. Bacon is really the best way to celebrate Monday.

Today I tutored until 3:30. I’m thankful my student showed up early, and I didn’t have to stay until four.  I didn’t make a meal plan this week which is really rare, so I’m just making it up.  Today was a moderately warm day in New Hampshire. Ok warm isn’t a good word choice, but it was comfortable in a coat and scarf. I’m trying to use my bread maker and not let it be one of those closet contraptions, so tonight was homemade pizza. 100_0250

I threw everything in to make the dough as soon as I got home. We ate later than usual, but it was delicious. Jeremy and I each made our own pizzas because we like different things and having leftovers for lunch is always a plus.


Broccoli is a given, of course, on any pizza I make for myself. The crust was alright, half wheat flour.  I think I need to find a way to give it some more flavor though. I’ll have to try something different next time.

While the pizza was cooking, Jeremy loaded the dishwasher (wonderful husband that he is), and I did a buns work out from On Demand. After dinner, I did an arm work out. Sometimes I really like splitting my workout up into chunks. Whittle My Middle is still to come tonight accompanied by Biggest Loser. With the exception of plank ups, I’m really enjoying it.

Happy Tuesday.

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