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Spending Purge – and What I’m Missing

9 January 2010

As this is month to  be extreme,  (I actually read on someone’s Facebook that they were going to work out everyday this year; seriously people come on!) I am taking a month off from spending. Obviously, I will still be paying bills, going grocery shopping, going to the doctor/buying medicine, and putting gas in my car. My goal, however, is not to spend any money outside of those necessities.  Well the reality is that I didn’t think of this until about the 3rd, so I guess I’ll just go a few days into February. I definitely already purchased and watched How I Met Your Mother Season 4.

Why not spend money you may ask? There are several reasons:

  1. I can be really wasteful. I certainly do not need or want one more item of clothing from the Gap Outlet or Old Navy.
  2. I’m hoping this will change my spending habits some and make me more mindful. There are definitely some better ways I could be utilizing my money.
  3. I need to start saving more. I find saving really difficult.
  4. With Jeremy is grad school, it seems as though there isn’t much money in the first place, when really there is enough. I need to see what is there.
  5. It is just good sometimes to take a step back from the way you are doing things and try something different.

With all that said, I don’t think spending gift cards counts in this, because really that’s not my money. 

The most difficult part of all of this and the thing I will miss the most is eating out. Ugh I love eating out. I hate in magazines when they say, “Make this at home, and it will be as nice as going out.” Well the food may taste as good, but there is so much more to going out then that like ambience, not having to do dishes, and having someone else make the food while you can just sit and chat. Hopefully, not eating out will help me lose a few pounds. We shall see.

Here’s what I’m missing:

  • The Big Bean (Great weekend brunch place)
  • Riverworks (My favorite local restaurant)
  • Buying a new nail polish
  • After Christmas Sales
  • The Movies (Avatar and Up In The Air maybe gone when this is over)

Now it’s time for breakfast, Whittle My Middle 2, the gym, and cleaning.

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