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I’m Not Picky – Just Texture Sensitive

11 January 2010

Here’s the truth: I’m really picky, but I like to think of myself as texture sensitive. As a child, I was definitely the one who lived off  of peanut butter and jelly. It’s not that my mother didn’t try; oh she tried for hours sometimes. But I just couldn’t/wouldn’t eat mixed foods or foods that felt weird to me. I hated/hate when any foods touched. I remember sitting at the table for a long time one night refusing to eat meat loaf and yet another night where my arch nemesis was eggplant. Eggplant and I have since come to a truce, but I will stare down meat loaf any day of the week. 

Reading all the food blogs I read only highlights my weirdness more.  I look at some of the foods that people eat , and it’s amazing to me that they can tolerate so many foods and textures mixed together. Brandi, over at Branappetit, is always putting all sorts of things into her oatmeal. A little brown sugar and peanut butter and I’m all set.  Usually when I see interesting foods, I try to figure out a way to simplify them or separate them into different courses. My ideal fine china would have sections. It’s not just foods; my texture sensitivity extends to clothes, footwear, even material on furniture.

The last few years I have made an effort to try new things. I’m not 100%, but I do try. In Italy this summer, I tried things that were way out of my comfort zone. For example, before I went to Italy, I rarely ever at tomatoes.


Tomatoes are everywhere and on everything in Italy, so I ate them.


Italian tomatoes are so rich, and I firmly believe that you can literally taste the sun in them. Tomatoes in New Hampshire do not taste the same. Another thing I ate in Italy was a stuffed fried zucchini blossom. Oh so tasty, heaven really.

I feel this sensitivity really limits me in my food consumption. On Tuesday or Wednesday of this week, I’m supposed to be making Sheppard’s pie.  We’ll see if this happens. I want to make it, I know Jeremy will love it even though I’m using chicken instead of ground beef, but the thought off all those different foods mixed together. I don’t know if I can do it.

This could be a really big hurl hurdle for me.

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  1. 11 January 2010 11:41 PM

    I always KNEW i understood you!!
    LOL…loved the blog:) i feel 100% the same about shepard’s pie…Taylor has requested it many times, but the thought of those ingredients with ground beef….UGH! Might have to try it with chicken…that could work.

    Keep up the great blogging! Some day I’ll have a smart phone and will be able to access the links you tweet immediately instead of days later!

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