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The Joy of Cooking

11 January 2010

Cookbook Week Begins

Tonight, I roasted a chicken and vegetables from The Joy of Cooking.  There are several recipes for a roasting a chicken; the one I chose involved an herb and garlic rub under the skin of the chicken. A) It was fast and simple  B) It turned out delicious.  I didn’t have all of the herbs, so I just used rosemary and garlic. Using my wonderful bread maker, I whipped up a small loaf of “classic Italian” for dinner. I love that you can choose different sizes. The whole loaf probably cost 50 cents.




I made extra potatoes for the Sheppard’s Pie and roasted a sweet potato for my lunch tomorrow.

Most people think that roasting a chicken is a long tedious process, but really it’s one of the fastest dinners you can make. My hands on time for the bread, veggies, and chicken was about 25 minutes, granted it was in the oven for an hour, but that doesn’t involve me. While everything was baking or roasting, Jeremy and I went for a quick work out at the gym. I did a quick two miles and then we came home and ate dinner. Now, it is time for The Secret Life of the Real American Teenager, as if this isn’t what I do all day long anyway.


All in all, I think today was a good Monday. Whittle My Middle II later on.

If you’ve never roasted a chicken, do it.

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