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A Lunch that Makes Me Smile

14 January 2010

Today was a day. . . man I am so glad tomorrow is Friday. While most of today sucked, lunch was a beautiful thing.

I work at a school, which means there’s a cafeteria. I rarely ever eat there. I don’t want to bash the cafe. The people that work there are so kind and are always offering a smile to the weary teachers that walk in, but the food, well it’s a little low on the nutritional scale. You can get wraps and salads, but they are weak. However, there is one day that makes me smile.

At the beginning of every month, there is a calendar published with what will be served each day. So every month I consult this calendar for the day that I will not be bringing my lunch to school – for Grilled Cheese Day.

Oh how I love grilled cheese, especially the way they make it in the cafeteria. White bread, Kraft Cheese, real Butter; Oh it is the holy grail. Everyone that I work with knows how I feel about Grilled Cheese Day, and I basically get congratulated. It is on my Google calendar and is usually the highlight of my week of lunches.  It’s served with a delicious side of Campbell’s tomato soup (a trip to a wonderful place in childhood).

100_0284 100_0285

Now I know that this meal isn’t good for me physically (and the styrofoam that is served on is horrible for the planet), but it does wonders for me emotionally. It warms my soul and my stomach. Ahh thank you Grilled Cheese Day for being the beacon of light that you are.

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  1. 15 January 2010 8:12 AM

    i love that you have grilled cheese day on your calendar 😉 things like that make me happy!

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