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Last Night and Tonight

21 January 2010

This has been a week of great dinners. Earlier this week, I had Brussels Sprouts, Bow Ties, and Bacon, which were delicious. Last night, Jeremy made pork chops, with brown rice and cranberries. I made a small contribution of  Sweet and Sour Cabbage. Jeremy searched for the recipe online and really whipped it up; he can be quite impressive. It was a very purple meal, and a little too sweet for me, but good.


Tonight was a Food & Wine magazine delectable treat.  So far my perception of Food & Wine is that the food is great but it takes forever. We’re talking Julia Child long. Also, the recipes use a ton of butter,  which is awesome but probably not great for the badonkadonk.

Both recipes came from the section entitled the “Happy Vegetarian.” The first recipe was  White Beans with Onion Confit. I used the immersion blender a bit to create a soup (and whoops I added chicken broth nullifying the vegetarianess of the meal).


I’m really excited to have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. The beans had to soak overnight, I did not use canned making both of aspects of the meals a two day process.

The second recipe was Leek and Mushroom Croquettes. These were quite a lengthy ordeal but scrumptious. You can take a look at the recipe, but here are a few of the steps pictured.

100_0298 100_0318



Even though when Jeremy saw the words “Happy Vegetarian,” he scoffed; he ended up really liking the croquettes, which he expressed through multiple “yums” and “so goods.”

While all of this food is great, we’ll be having nachos tomorrow.

Crunches for Cupcakes is giving away my favorite yogurt CHOBANI!

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