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So-So Weekend

24 January 2010

This weekend has been ok. Friday was probably the highlight.

On Saturday, I got up ate breakfast, loafed around and then went to tutor a student (not one of mine) at a local library. He was a pleasure to work with and really just needed help formulating his ideas for his college entrance personal response. Two hours later, Jeremy and I grabbed the few groceries we needed and then came home and took a nap.

Usually, I work out on Saturdays and rarely ever on Fridays; it was nice to change it up this week. Apparently, I went a little overboard with the squats on Friday because I’ve been walking like a cowboy for the last two days.

After nap time (really my favorite part of any day), I made a salad and baked an apple pie to take over to a friend’s house who just had a baby. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the pie after I baked it. But the topping was my favorite part, with wheat flour, cinnamon, oats, and of course butter.


Wonderfully gracious people give other people who have babies food, and Jeremy and I got to partake in some of it. The pie was great, the salad stellar(I love roasting walnuts to go on top), and a big thanks to whoever gave them this awesome chicken pot pie.

102_9644   IMG00074-20100123-1824

I could definitely taste rosemary and thyme, both of which I love. Yes, it’s in a Pi plate. This is what happens when you hang out with math nerds.

This morning, I spent a considerable amount of time finishing up grades, working on my syllabi for next semester, and just making general preparations. Tomorrow is a teacher work day, so thankfully, I will have even more time to work and prepare for classes starting on Tuesday.  There are so many things I’m supposed to teach in a semester and just seriously not enough time.

I think both Jeremy and I are ready for Spending Purge month to be over. We miss eating out and there are very few things you can do outside of home without spending money. With that said, we did go on a great walk today and enjoyed the 35 degree weather. Hello heat wave!

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