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Dinner Tonight = Epic Fail

31 January 2010

After trying Trader Joe’s Vodka sauce a few times, I figured how difficult could it be. I also figured that I didn’t really need a recipe, because hello, I am an amazing cook. Well apparently my amazing skills are on vacation, because the sauce was disgusting. I literally had to pick out my raviolis and scrape the sauce off. Apparently, when it comes to vodka less is more, and 1/2 cup was really way, way, way too much. Jeremy tried to pretend it wasn’t that bad, and in general, he’ll eat pretty much anything anyway, but it was obvious he didn’t like it either.  Thanks for trying to spare my feelings Jerem!

Options for next time are A) following a recipe or B) just buying it from Trader Joe’s.


Here’s to an easy week, I hope.

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