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Ending the Moratorium on Spending

1 February 2010

Well Jeremy and I ended our moratorium on spending month Saturday night, by heading out to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

I’m glad it’s over for sure, however it was a really interesting experience. Jeremy and I really missed some of our favorite restaurants. It was easiest during the week and really difficult on the weekends.  It was frustrating to not be able to start any projects. I missed my trips to Michael’s and Joann Fabrics. We did still have a lot of fun. Netflix was a lifesaver, and Jeremy even learned to play Yahtzee.

Things Learned:

  • Jeremy and I  eat out way too much.
  • When you aren’t wasting money on yourself, you can spend money on others. We were able to give a lot more to Haiti than we would have.
  • Eating breakfast and lunch at home or work is easy, but cooking dinner every night, while not difficult, wasn’t always fun.
  • We are good at keeping each other accountable.

And Now I Hope

  • to be more conscientious about my spending.
  • to not purchase stupid things that I don’t need.
  • to give more to others.

Now to figure out how we’ll challenge ourselves next.

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