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M.O.T.I.V.A.T.I.O.N – I gotta find some

1 February 2010

I have had major motivations issues for about a week.

My justifications:

I really didn’t feel well last week; I had a pesky headache for about five days that just wouldn’t leave me alone. The headache was draining. I came home and crashed pretty much everyday. This plus the fact that it’s been frigid has not made anything any better. I only got in two workouts, which is a major disappointment, because I’ve been doing so well.  Today was the first day that I’ve felt “normal,” even though I got very little sleep last night. 

My Game Plan:

Well I don’t exactly have one. I’m meeting a friend for the good spin class tomorrow, which will be nice. I really need to choose some meals and go grocery shopping. If I make it through this week and fit in three workouts by Saturday, I need a reward. I’m not sure what the reward will be yet. But I need something to get me through this week. On Wednesday, all the teachers have to stay 8:00, for “course night,” which means I won’t get home until close to 9. And of course this doesn’t negate my regular Thursday tutoring which gets me home around 8. Whew! Long week ahead. Must find and stay motivated. 

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