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Kashi vs Cheez-its

8 February 2010

This week I purchased these Kashi Country Cheddar crackers for the first time.


They taste great and being Kashi, I also assumed  they must be better for me than Cheez-its reduced fat crackers. Well I’m not dietician; but with the exception of Kashi having less sodium and saturated fat, it doesn’t look to me that they are any healthier. In fact, based on my reading of the nutrition facts, they might be less nutritious, as they don’t really have any vitamins, including calcium. The Kashi offer less protein and also less saturated fat.   Each of these are from their respective websites; let’s take a peak at the stats:


I really thought the whole grain would give these Kashi crackers a fiber kick, but there isn’t one.  Obviously, all of this is just my opinion and based on reading the nutrition facts.

I don’t think this will be something I bother spending extra money on. Even though the Kashi seemed to taste less artificial, it could all just be in my head. If there are any real dieticians out there who can tell me I’m wrong, I’ll gladly listen.





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