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13 February 2010

Wow! Another totally crazy week. On Monday, I went to the Blue Moon Cafe. It was a great trip but while I was there I got this weird pain in my left side near my bottom two ribs. I assumed it was from running and that I would be able to stretch it out once I got home. Well I couldn’t; it just stayed and got worse.

On Tuesdays,  Jeremy plays basketball with some faculty and staff at his University.  He plays all out, which I love, and he’s often on the floor AI style.  Bumps and bruises are protocol. This time though things were different. Jeremy slammed his elbow on the floor fighting for a ball and thought he was fine. When he got home, he said it hurt but nothing more. I looked at it and it looked totally fine. Fast forward to midnight on Tuesday/Wednesday. Of course I had already been asleep for two hours, Jeremy wakes me up and asks if I knew where the Ibuprofen was. I got up to help him and looked at his elbow, which he said was only a little swollen.


I decided that it looked freakish was more than a little swollen and that we would go to the ER.

100_0382 The ER cleared Jeremy after x-rays saying it was a Bursa and that ice, Ibuprofen and rest should do the job; to keep an eye out for infection. Basically, it’s a sac of fluid around a joint. By the time we got home at 2:30, I knew there was no way I was going to school and my side pain still wasn’t improving.

Fast forward to 10:00 am, I dropped Jeremy off at school to TA his class. Before I could even extract my keys from the ignition at home, my phone was ringing. Apparently, a real radiologist had looked at Jeremy’s films saying it might still in fact be broken.

I had managed to secure an appointment at my own doctor for my side. We ended up spending the whole day getting a round of x-rays for both of us and a blood test for me.  Results = Jeremy’s arm isn’t broken, thank goodness. My side might be enflamed cartilage between my ribs. They still aren’t sure.

Of course we did find time to pick up a snack at Hannah’s Fine Food Market. My blueberry muffin was lame (i.e. seriously lacking in flavor), but Jeremy really enjoyed his Mississippi Mud Pie Square.


It was a long couple of days for us. YAY for the weekend.

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