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Monsoon Monday

15 March 2010

We may not have had a lot of snow this winter, but the wind and rain have totally pummeled us this Spring.  First two weeks ago, we had an extreme wind storm with flooding. Now, this weekend the rain just won’t stop.  We didn’t have school again today. It’s going to be so hot when we finally get out.  Jeremy is on spring break so we were able to go to the gym together in the middle of the day. It was nice and empty, and we both got really good workouts.  This has been my uniform for the last few days. Yep, my boots rock; I got them at a feed store a few years ago. I like to refer to them as my classic Wellies.


I’m not sure if we’re going to have school tomorrow  or how I’m going to get there. There are tons of  roads closed ,and I don’t know when the flooding will go down.  Jeremy and I went into town to eat, and I took some video of the dam. I may have broken the rules a little by walking under this yellow tape. 100_0443

Our landlord said the town is afraid the dam might break.



*I’ve been fighting to get a video uploaded for an hour; now I am officially quitting. Seriously Youtube can you really not take MOV format.



I finally got it. My Word

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