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Happy St. Patty’s

17 March 2010

Today was an interesting Saint Patrick’s day.  I celebrated by having a cup of tea.

It’s not as good as loose leaf, but it was nice and warm.

I had to take Jeremy to the train before I went to school, but tons of roads around here are still closed. It ended up taking about 25 minutes when it should have taken 10. He’s going to be gone for five days to Mississippi for a Topology conference.  This is going to be the longest we’ve been apart since we got married five years ago, so needless to say I will miss him greatly. I was definitely not in a good mood this morning.

However, my bff is coming to stay with me this weekend. We haven’t seen each other in two years. I’m really excited for her to come.  This means that we will act and eat like 19 year olds all weekend and have a marvelous time at it.

I stayed busy tonight planning what Kristen and I are going to do and cleaning. She’s never been to New England, so I have a lot to pack into a few days.  Tomorrow is my Friday, because I’m taking the real Friday off, so I hope it goes quickly. I just need to find a great lunch location in Boston.


I love March: spring, my birthday, tons of basketball, baseball is back in the news. It’s a great month. I have multiple brackets completed. Maybe this will be the money year.

Are you as mad about March as I am?

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