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BFF Weekend – Fenway & the Freedom Trail

22 March 2010

Before I launch into this post a moment to vent.

If my Blackberry had a face, I would punch it. I got Error 522 today and with the exception of the pictures on my phone I lost everything. It’s been a colossal pain in the arse to get everything all set back up. Grrr. . .

On to brighter and better things.

Kristen flew in on Thursday. It made my work day go by quickly knowing that she was coming, and that I didn’t have to work on Friday. We spent the first night baby sitting, watching March Madness and talking. 

On Friday, we got up relatively late for both of us 7:30 and headed to Boston. We took the Downeaster, which is always such a nice ride. Kristen had never been to Boston, so I got to play tour guide. It was a beautiful day in Boston. Warm. Sunny. Springy.

First was Fenway. *Disclaimer – I am a life long, die hard, YANKEES fan.* Fenway is one of the last of the original MLB stadiums. If you love baseball, this is definitely a park you have to see. The tour was great. We got to see the press box and go on the Green Monster.  Our tour guide was entertaining but not obnoxious. 

 100_0463  100_0467


After the train ride and the tour, we were hungry.   We found a place to quell our hunger. Uburger on Kenmore. This was the first time I’d eaten at Uburger. The food was great.  I had the  Phat Chick (bbq sauce, bacon, and cheddar) on a grilled chicken breast. Kristen had the UCheeseburger. They grind their own burger everyday. The burger looked like something you’d make at your own house not something that’s been frozen for a year.

 100_0500 100_0497

Once we were all fueled up, we took the subway to Park Street and started on The Freedom Trail. Besides being historical, the Freedom Trail is a great way to see Boston.  We trooped right along stopping where we wanted and there was of course Starbucks and gelato(not nearly on par with  the gelato in Italy).  We didn’t make it to the USS Constitution in time, which was a bummer, but we still had a great time.

When we got to North Station to catch our 6:45 train, I looked at the arrival sign. The sign seemed to have an error. It said the next train wasn’t arriving until 10:35pm. I checked our tickets to see that I had purchased return tickets for Saturday not Friday. So now we ended up having an extra four hours to kill. 

In tomorrow’s post what to do with four hours in Boston.

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