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BFF Weekend – The Paramount Boston

23 March 2010

After walking the Freedom Trail and seeing Fenway, Kristen and I realized there was no 6:45 train. This meant we’d have to stay in Boston until 11:00.  At first I was a bit distraught, I am a planner.  But after making a few phone calls to people in the know, we decided to head over to Charles Street. It was still around 55 degrees outside, so we had a lovely stroll though Boston Common. Then we meandered down Charles Street looking in the windows of all the little shops  and talking. We can seriously talk for hours.


After meandering for awhile, we settled on The Paramount. We couldn’t have made a better choice. This restaurant is what you might call cozy i.e. tiny. It is long and narrow and had maybe 12 – 15 tables.  We knew that we had a lot of time, so we drew out our dining experience in true European fashion. First they served us bread with an avocado dipping sauce. The sauce was a surprising change from the typical olive oil. We both really liked the cool creamy sauce. Next, we spent some time looking at the menu. I decided on the black bean burger with a half Caesar salad. Kristen had the Greek salad.

When our order came,  I noticed that my black bean burger was white. I very politely told our server that I hadn’t ordered chicken. She whisked my food away. The service here was really some of the best I’ve had. She brought back my salad which was nice of her. My burger, once it arrived, had some great flavors and was accompanied with a salsa to put on top. While it was different then what I usually make at home (I like it spicy), it really held together well.

After we both finished eating, we ordered tea and dessert. 100_0512

If you can go to The Paramount, order the fried dough with the raspberry dipping sauce and vanilla ice cream.  Initially, we said we didn’t want our ice cream, because I thought it would be melting all over the fried dough. Our server assured us that there would be no melting and that we had to have the ice cream. It came with a pineapple sauce. This dessert was everything you love about a fair, taken to the next level.  We had enough to have dessert for  Saturday night too. Our awesome server comped our dessert, because she felt bad about my burger mix up. It wasn’t necessary, but a very nice gesture. I really want to return to The Paramount at some point.

Kristen and I had such a great night relaxing over a wonderful meal.  Our walk back to North Station was brisk. We both fell asleep on the way home.  We slept in to get ready for Saturday another great day.

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  1. 24 March 2010 9:46 AM

    what a fun time 🙂 and YES to fried dough.

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