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A Happy Birthday Weekend

29 March 2010

Saturday was my 27th birthday.  Jeremy decided to treat me to a night in Boston. If there is one thing, I love it’s hotels. We Hotwired a hotel and took the train down. We ended up at The Langham off Congress Street; gotta love 4.5 stars. This hotel was great, although I was surprised by the age of the TV. From the second we walked in the service was impeccable; they even upgraded our room. It didn’t hurt that the man who was checking us in had a British accent. 


After checking in and looking around, Jeremy and I headed out to do a little shopping. I found a cute cotton summer dress at T.J. Maxx, which will be nice if it ever gets warm here. After shopping, we went back and to get ready for dinner. Jeremy talked to the concierge  and found a place to eat in the North End.  While it was beautiful in New England last week, it was pretty chilly this weekend. We walked over to Panza a little after 7 for our 7:30 reservation.   


Panza is a little cramped, but the food was great. We ordered a bottle of Dragani and split the bruschetta. Next I had a the Chicken Panza and Jeremy had the Rigatoni and Sausage with Goat Cheese.


This food tasted very authentic and both of our sauces were very light.

When we finished eating, we started strolling back to the hotel. There was, no surprise, a huge line outside of Mike’s Pastry (I’ve never eaten here because of the constant line). We decided we could live without dessert. We were strolling when we came upon two pedi cab drivers. They were loud and funny, so we decided to take a ride. I’ve never taken a pedi cab ride before but he was fast. It is certainly cheaper and more green than an actual taxi ride.


After getting back to the hotel, we popped into Bond, the lounge at the hotel. It was so pretty inside. I loved the chandeliers.


We lounged for a little bit and then headed upstairs to the extremely comfortable pillows and bed. It was a great birthday, but I wish every night when I go to bed there could be a chocolate there for me with slippers by my bed.


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  1. 30 March 2010 10:12 AM

    Happy Late Birthday!

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