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To My President

2 April 2010

If I had the guts, I would send this letter to the President.  This article is what has prompted my  feelings.

Dear President Obama,

First, you and I are usually pretty tight but every since I read Dreams of my Father I haven’t been able to to let this go. YOU AREN’T BLACK! You aren’t any blacker than me, Tiger Woods, Mariah Carey, Vin Diesel, or Halle Barry.  I get that even defining the word race is difficult, but checking only one box is not acceptable. I’m sure you know that checking two boxes wasn’t even an option until 2000, it’s an option for a reason. The days of “just one drop” are over.

Let’s talk about why you checking only one box upsets me. First, I understand that you may “feel” black or identify more with your black heritage, but that doesn’t change the scientific fact that half of your genes came from a white woman. Speaking of that white woman, she raised you, took care of you, and made sure you did your homework. If it weren’t for her, you sure wouldn’t be president today. Therefore, if you really insist on only checking one box it should probably be hers.

Checking two boxes is important for so many reasons. People who are multi-racial are an absolute minority right now and everyone needs to be counted. Society needs to see that everything is changing. Being multi-racial, bi-racial, half of anything is the future (I hope).  If you want to break down racial barriers, the best way is to make love not war and crank out more adorable bi-racial babies.

I hope in the future you will really consider all of yourself and not just half.

With my utmost respect and sincerity,


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