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Spark People

15 April 2010

I’ve gone back to Spark People.

I thought I could do it on my own, that I knew what an appropriate portion size was, that I didn’t need to count calories. I was wrong. I’ve gained maybe 5 or 6 pounds in the last two months. One thing that has really worked for me in the past is Spark People. One great thing about this site is that it’s more than just counting calories. You can track whatever nutrients you want. I  have main categories and then sub categories. You can also track water intake and fruit/veggie intake. Here is what my tracking looks like:

Spark Main Screen

Spark Weekly Progress

The other great thing (since I don’t have a BodyBugg) is that you can track the calories you exert. I like that it’s more than calories it’s the whole picture. For example, if I go over my calories but I hit my protein mark, which is usually hard for me, I don’t fret about it. However if I go over my calories and my carbs were way out of control, I try to do better the next day.

And the last thing, then I’ll stop professing my undying love, is the new Blackberry application.  When I first got my BB their app was pretty lame and basically just took you to the mobile website. But now it has everything in a nice compact application.

Let’s hope I see some success.

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