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Chive Hummus

18 April 2010

The Out of the Box Challenge this week was to use a new herb; one that you haven’t used at least in the last three months. I cook with a lot of herbs, because I love natural flavors. However, one I haven’t used since the early fall  is chives. IMG_1194I got these crispy, green chives at my local farmers’ market.

I love chives in anything to do with potatoes, but I decided to try something different today.

On Saturday at the grocery store, I picked up some tahini . I was so excited to try this and create real hummus.  I tried making hummus once before, but it was a major flop without the tahini. Garlic, chives and chickpeas make such a great combination together. I served my hummus with some veggies to several friends who declared me the snackspert . The chives were a great addition to the hummus. I’m glad they are back in season.

IMG_1197 IMG_1201

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  1. 18 April 2010 8:34 PM

    Hummus in any form to me is so delightful! If you eat eggs, you should try and make deviled eggs and instead of using mayo/mustard as the base, use hummus! Scrumptious!

    • cbrazas permalink*
      18 April 2010 8:38 PM

      I bet those would be good and so much protein. I love the design of your site by the way.

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