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Lettuce Wraps and Pizza Dilemmas

21 April 2010

Even though the last few days at school have been hellacious, I have made my days good.  I just keep telling myself 4 days until vacation, 3 days until vacation. Tomorrow marks 2 days until vacation.  Spring is in the air, and we have had some great dinners this week.

On Monday night, we had lettuce wraps. These are the only lettuce wraps I’ve ever had, but now I really want to order them at a restaurant. I basically just threw together a bunch of veggies (shoots, cabbage, carrots) and chicken. The cool, crisp lettuce was slowly wilted by the ginger and soy sauce flavored filling.


Today, Jeremy and I went for a run when he got home. I think, for the first time today, I was actually able to regulate my breathing and really understand what it means to get in a stride. The weather was perfect – low 60’s and sunny.  We did pass a skunk and there were mosquitoes everywhere already, but that didn’t bring me down.

Last night, I tried to make pizza dough, but was not paying attention and added only half of the flour the recipe called for. Major disaster! Today Jeremy measured the flour, and I didn’t explain the process. You know spoon the flour in and level it off. So the dough we made today was firm to say the least. At first, I didn’t think it was going to work at all, which led me to beg Jeremy to go to our local pizza place and buy dough from them. While he was gone, I was able to work the dough into some sort of semblance of a pizza.  We ended up with a dinner pizza and a lunch pizza.

IMG_1238  Pizza one – green pepper, red onion and prosciutto(Geppetos Dough)

IMG_1244 Pizza two – green pepper, red onion (homemade wheat dough)

Tomorrow is Thursday, my long day. I can’t wait to be in Denver with my friends living the mile-high life.

Time for bed and reading; Lolita has me hooked.

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