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18 April 2010

Sometimes you just have a craving. . .

Saturday I woke up with an insatiable craving for McDonald’s breakfast. Now my head new that this was a poor choice for numerous reasons. I also new that I could fry an egg for myself, which didn’t really sound like a great idea either. I really wanted an egg sandwich, and I really wanted potatoes. So I talked Jeremy into going  to the Big Bean, justifying it by the fact that I needed to get cash for the farmers’ market anyway. Ahh with in minutes, I had coffee in hand and my order placed. Bacon, egg and cheddar on a delicious homemade biscuit with a side of homefries.

big bean breakfast

Sorry for the crappy phone pic; I left my memory card in my computer.

This breakfast was so much better than Mickey D’s. First, they make everything fresh, everyday. The homefries never taste exactly the same, because someone different is always doing the seasoning; with that said, they are always delicious. I know there was plenty of fat in the meal because it tasted so good, but I’d much rather put this in my body than the other stuff. I got a smoothie with peach, strawberries, yogurt and cranberry juice to go.  C’est si bon.

After an awesome breakfast, Jeremy went home, and I went to the farmers’ market. All sorts of things have already started growing. I love our farmer’s market. It has been raining, and disgusting in New England the last few days, so I didn’t bring my camera. I have to start getting there earlier. Almost everyone was out of eggs. I did find a dozen though. I got some peppercorn goat cheese from Hickory Nut Farm and some green garlic (garlic scallions) and  chives. I see salad in my very near future.  I got Jeremy a new supply of grass fed burger from Little Brook Farm. I really have to start taking more cash with me.

Today has started off well, even if it is cold.  I made Jeremy S’more Oatmeal for breakfast. His remarks, “Mmm yeah, it’s really good.”

IMG_1185  IMG_1187

I had plain old oatmeal with pb on top.
Time to hit the gym.


Spark People

15 April 2010

I’ve gone back to Spark People.

I thought I could do it on my own, that I knew what an appropriate portion size was, that I didn’t need to count calories. I was wrong. I’ve gained maybe 5 or 6 pounds in the last two months. One thing that has really worked for me in the past is Spark People. One great thing about this site is that it’s more than just counting calories. You can track whatever nutrients you want. I  have main categories and then sub categories. You can also track water intake and fruit/veggie intake. Here is what my tracking looks like:

Spark Main Screen

Spark Weekly Progress

The other great thing (since I don’t have a BodyBugg) is that you can track the calories you exert. I like that it’s more than calories it’s the whole picture. For example, if I go over my calories but I hit my protein mark, which is usually hard for me, I don’t fret about it. However if I go over my calories and my carbs were way out of control, I try to do better the next day.

And the last thing, then I’ll stop professing my undying love, is the new Blackberry application.  When I first got my BB their app was pretty lame and basically just took you to the mobile website. But now it has everything in a nice compact application.

Let’s hope I see some success.

Body Pump & Protein

14 April 2010

Today was a busy day. After work, I vacuumed out the car and pulled out all of the junk. The first place I went to use the vacuum took my $2.25, which did not make me very happy. After that I wiped down everything in the car, now all I need is a new air freshener.

Then I took a nap. Honestly, I take a nap almost every afternoon. I am a child; I know.

After Jeremy got home we went to his first Body Pump class. I haven’t been in ages. It is such a tough workout. I think I did a pretty good job of choosing weight tonight, but I’m sure I’ll still be sore tomorrow. After the first time I went, I could hardly walk down stairs. My entire body hurt.  Here’s Jeremy after his butt kicking:

 body pumped jerem

Once we got home, we were both starving. While Jeremy took a shower, I made dinner. I figured since we’d worked so hard we needed a protein packed dinner. I’ll warn you in advance that this meal is ugly, but it’s one of our favorites.

IMG_1173 IMG_1176

All of this plus black beans makes something not so pretty but oh so good. Cook the onions, pepper and beans first, then add the eggs. Scramble it all up.


Serve with a side of chips, a little shredded cheese, and a topping of guacamole.

Ahh. . .  now we’re kicking back watching How I Met Your Mother Season 2.

Great Bay Half Marathon

11 April 2010


No, I didn’t run in it. After lounging around this morning, Jeremy and I headed into town to watch the first  marathoners get to the finish line. Our little town was flooded with 1500 runners, plus people running the 5k, plus all of their supporters. It was so cool to watch people crossing the finish line. I got a little choked up.

IMG_1155 IMG_1169

I really don’t know if I have the dedication or the will power to run a half marathon, but I have so much respect for everyone that ran today. There were all different types of people and all different ages.

After watching for awhile we headed to the Big Bean. I got a side of homefries and an enormous smoothie. Nothing artificial here just fruit, juice, and yogurt.


It was another beautiful, spring day in New Hampshire


Goals Update

7 April 2010

Since we’re through the first quarter of the year, I thought I should check in on my goals. Some have gone great! The others well -  are sleep and being tidy really all that important?

  1. Keep working out and getting fitWell I feel off the wagon for a few weeks, but overall this isn’t as bad as last year.  I need to use my Kettlebell more; I think I will tomorrow morning. 
  2. Keep learning which foods are best for me and the planet.I’d say this is going well, although I should really read some of the food books out there. I hope to start composting soon, which is good for the planet. I can’t wait for our regular farmer’s market to start up again.
  3. Projects, Projects, Projects There have been a few I redecorated the living room (new curtains, pillows and finally framed some Europe pictures.) Also there was a baby shower cake and this baby shower blanket. (Same person different showers.)
  4. Be more tidyUgh let’s just not talk about this.
  5. Read more!I’m reading a little more, but I could be doing better. And really does magazines count?
  6. Run three more 5Ks this yearOne down, one registered for and registering for the last one this week.
  7. Go south (Texas, Missouri, Tennessee) and see all my southern friends and family. – Dates are set for the beginning of August. 
  8. Be a more responsible sleeperThis was a fail from the second I typed it. The time change only made my sleep habits worse.
  9. Keep bloggingI’ve definitely been doing a good job with this one. 3 to 5 times a week just like I wanted. I still don’t know how some people blog 3 times a day or if I’ll ever get more readers. But I’ve really been enjoying writing. Some posts are better than others, but my current favorite is the one full of travel tips.
  10. . See Jeremy graduate He’s working it. Keep it up  Jeremy! May 2011 here we come.  His major talk was a step in the write direction.

Some things take awhile. . .

5 April 2010

This post will be picture heavy because I am plum tuckered out.


Sunday was an amazing day weather wise. Jeremy and I ate lunch with friends.

Lunch was excellent. There were lots of veggies and only a few of them were covered in cheese. Major holiday success. After eating, we did a lot of this.


It was hard to leave the sun, but eventually I started on a project. A co-worker is having a surprise baby shower, so I volunteered to bring cake. I hate the store bought cakes from the grocery store.  Baking cakes from scratch is fun, but usually for me it’s a multi-day process. This process involved an epic fail.

IMG_1092 IMG_1093

This is what happens when you’re talking on the phone instead of thinking, “I should let this cool awhile before I violently shake it out of the pan.”

I recovered though and managed to bake two ten inch cakes. I was done at that point after baking three cakes. Tonight I made the icing and decorated. 


IMG_1110  I hope she likes it. She used to fly in high school, so hopefully she’ll pick up on my theme.

I am not a Runner pt. 2

3 April 2010

In the continuance of I am not a runner, I definitely should not have fallen off the workout wagon for two or three weeks and then proceed to run the April Fool’s Four Miler (i.e. pretty much further than I’ve ever run). My legs are tired. With all of that said, today’s race was a lot of fun. There were men running in kilts, a guy with half his beard shaved off, and people are pretty much always happier when there’s free beer at the end. The weather was absolutely perfect: sunny, a little breezy, 70ish degrees. And, my really fast husband decided to run with me. It was really nice to not be by my slow self the whole way. He was a good encourager and is helping me to be a better runner. My first two miles were probably the fastest two miles I’ve ever run, but I was kind of dragging after that.


At the end of the race there was a box of watermelon slices. The sweet juiciness was the perfect thing. 

A beautiful day in New Hampshire turned into a lovely evening, so Jeremy and I walked to town to get crepes at Get the Scoop.


Crepes are just one more reason I love living in this little town.  I, of course, had one of the simplest crepes on the menu – butter and cinnamon sugar. Jeremy, however, had a marshmallow chocolate crepe a la mode.

IMG_1011 IMG_1016


Jeremy really dug his crepe. We had a great little stroll back. I hope the walk will make my legs less sore and that today’s run will jumpstart my workouts.