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A Crumb Falls

2 June 2010

No long here

Please come to

And so it goes

29 April 2010

Well I found this guy –

So it seems my blog title is A) no longer mine B)Never really was mine in the first place – he’s been there since 2003.  Even though I love the title Mulling It Over, I want something that is all mine.

I’m moving over to my new name, twice in a few months I know,  I know! But it has to be. Hopefully if I ever move again, it will be to a self-hosted spot.

Please follow me to

My new title, which I have Googled the crap out of to make sure no one else has it, comes from a Langston Hughes Poem “Luck.”

From The Oxford Book of American Poetry 2006.


Sometimes a crumb falls
from the tables of joy,
Sometimes a bone
Is flung.

To some people
Love is given,
To others
Only heaven.


I love how simply the imagery of this poem illustrates that a lot of life is chance, and you have to make of it what you will.

Denver Day 1

29 April 2010

Saturday, I headed out from home early in the morning on the C&J bus down to Logan. The trip was great. I listened to one episode of This American Life, and then I was there. The bus took me right to my terminal, and I made it through checking my bag and security in less than 15 minutes; that’s a great time for Logan.

I was starving at this point, so I had breakfast at Wolfgang Puck’s Express. This was some of the best airport food I’ve ever had.  A spinach, mushroom omelet with remoluade on ciabatta bread with homefries is not your usual airport fare. I must learn to make remoulade!


The flight to Denver was long, so I’m really glad I had such a great breakfast. The flight was over four hours of turbulence filled fun. Ugh. . . at least I flew jetBlue, which means TV.

Once I landed in Denver, my friends already had the car, and we were on our way to see the sites and a Rockies game.

IMG_1266 We stayed at the Crowne Plaza which was in a great location. We were able to walk all over the downtown area.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures, as of yet, from the first night.Because there was a possibility of rain, I was too afraid to take my camera out. Denver day two will be a much better post with many more pictures.

Denver Itinerary

22 April 2010

On Saturday, I fly out to Denver to meet two of my college friends. If there’s one thing I love, it’s planning a trip. We only have a little time; we’re there from Saturday to Tuesday.  We used Hotwire for most of our hotels, so we are saving a ton of money, while still staying at lovely locations like the Crown Royal Plazas. If you don’t use Hotwire, you really should.

Our itinerary looks a little like this:

Saturday Arrive
See a little of Denver
Rockies Game
Sunday Walking Tour Denver
Buffalo Bills Grave
Botanical Gardens
Monday Colorado Springs
Pikes Peak
Garden of the Gods
Tuesday Everyone flies home


Here we are in Maine a few years ago

me mindy and jamie 2

And in the D.

mindy and jamie

So excited for more memories, pictures, and fun.

See you in the Centennial State ladies.

Lettuce Wraps and Pizza Dilemmas

21 April 2010

Even though the last few days at school have been hellacious, I have made my days good.  I just keep telling myself 4 days until vacation, 3 days until vacation. Tomorrow marks 2 days until vacation.  Spring is in the air, and we have had some great dinners this week.

On Monday night, we had lettuce wraps. These are the only lettuce wraps I’ve ever had, but now I really want to order them at a restaurant. I basically just threw together a bunch of veggies (shoots, cabbage, carrots) and chicken. The cool, crisp lettuce was slowly wilted by the ginger and soy sauce flavored filling.


Today, Jeremy and I went for a run when he got home. I think, for the first time today, I was actually able to regulate my breathing and really understand what it means to get in a stride. The weather was perfect – low 60’s and sunny.  We did pass a skunk and there were mosquitoes everywhere already, but that didn’t bring me down.

Last night, I tried to make pizza dough, but was not paying attention and added only half of the flour the recipe called for. Major disaster! Today Jeremy measured the flour, and I didn’t explain the process. You know spoon the flour in and level it off. So the dough we made today was firm to say the least. At first, I didn’t think it was going to work at all, which led me to beg Jeremy to go to our local pizza place and buy dough from them. While he was gone, I was able to work the dough into some sort of semblance of a pizza.  We ended up with a dinner pizza and a lunch pizza.

IMG_1238  Pizza one – green pepper, red onion and prosciutto(Geppetos Dough)

IMG_1244 Pizza two – green pepper, red onion (homemade wheat dough)

Tomorrow is Thursday, my long day. I can’t wait to be in Denver with my friends living the mile-high life.

Time for bed and reading; Lolita has me hooked.

Review – Dominex Eggplant Cutlets

19 April 2010

While I was grocery shopping on Saturday, I ran across these – frozen eggplant cutlets.


I looked at the ingredients and calories before deciding to give them a try.

IMG_1206From the Dominex site here are the Ingredients: Eggplant, Soybean Oil, Wheat Flour, Water, Corn Flour, Salt, Dextrose, Corn Starch, Spices, Garlic Powder, Dehydrated Parsley, Onion Powder, Extracts of Paprika and Annatto, and Natural Flavors.

Well, nutritionally speaking, these aren’t horrible. There is quite a bit of sugar and sodium, but for a “fast food” they aren’t that bad.

They tasted great – lots of flavor, crispy; they actually tasted like real eggplant not artificial at all. I baked two in the toaster oven one for me and one for Jeremy and then topped them with a slice of mozzarella during the last minute. These made for a really quick meal. Jeremy even agreed to have spinach on his. “I guess if I’m eating a burger that isn’t even meat, I might as well have spinach too.” Ha! his words obviously.


I really want to try to make my own version of eggplant cutlets soon.

Chive Hummus

18 April 2010

The Out of the Box Challenge this week was to use a new herb; one that you haven’t used at least in the last three months. I cook with a lot of herbs, because I love natural flavors. However, one I haven’t used since the early fall  is chives. IMG_1194I got these crispy, green chives at my local farmers’ market.

I love chives in anything to do with potatoes, but I decided to try something different today.

On Saturday at the grocery store, I picked up some tahini . I was so excited to try this and create real hummus.  I tried making hummus once before, but it was a major flop without the tahini. Garlic, chives and chickpeas make such a great combination together. I served my hummus with some veggies to several friends who declared me the snackspert . The chives were a great addition to the hummus. I’m glad they are back in season.

IMG_1197 IMG_1201